SMS Integration

What is SMS


SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. It is most commonly referred to as “texting” or “text message”. SMS offers a cost-effective way to send messages to customers, staff or tech support for example.


  • Communication
    • Business to Business (B2B) – One or two-way.
    • Business to Customer (B2C) – One or two-way.
    • Customer to Support – One or two-way.
    • Support to Customer– One or two-way.
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Two factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security layer added for your business and customers used to address the vulnerabilities of a standard password only approach.
    • When you log-in with your username and password to your secure application or website, you will have prompted the website’s security feature to send via SMS, a code to your mobile phone or your email account. You will only gain access once this code has been input into the final login process.
    • This is currently the most popular approach for customers to verify their authenticity. They help lower the likelihood of identity theft, phishing scams as criminals cannot compromise log-ins with usernames and passwords alone.
  • Robust API
    • HTTPS API – Send 5-100 messages at a time
    • FTP API – Once off, high volume SMS dispatch. Works well with legacy systems.
    • SMPP API – Popular with large enterprises focusing on high volume two-way communication with customers averaging a minimum of 5000 messages/mth.
    • XML API – Good for legacy system integration connecting to large heterogenous networks.
    • SOAP API – integrates XML with HTTPS. Good for batch sending, two-way messaging, gateway escalation and SMS message support.
    • SMTP API – Allows you to send bulk email to SMS. Reminders, alerts and notifications.
    • COM Object API – This requires integration using a windows-based programming environment. You have many options of size and scale with this API.


The main benefit of SMS API integration is the ability to generate bulk SMS at one time across all of the technical networks and platforms that your business will make use of. This gives you one functional control system to manage the inflow and outflow of messages.

SMS integration is the smartest thing a business can do for their customers or clients. It allows your business to send and receive SMS to a targeted group or prospects, maintain lines of communication and support, offer notifications etc.