• UI Design for Mobile Interactivity

    UI Design for Mobile Interactivity

    UI Design for Mobile Interactivity

    It seems like a long time, but it was only 11 years ago when your mobile device was only used to communicate via phone calls or texting...

  • What’s New in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 – New AA & AAA Criteria Explained

    WCAG 2.1


    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines was developed through the W3C process with collaboration from individuals, organizations globally with the goal of ...

  • Data Mining: Turning Raw Data into Useful information

    Data Mining

    What is data mining

    In short, this is a process used by many companies and organizations to effectively turn raw data into useful information. This is done by using softw...

  • Data Security – Anatomy of a Data Breach

    Data security

    Exfiltration – A breach by any other name

    When data is ‘released’ a.k.a. taken from a database system without the knowledge or consent of its owner...

  • Which Mobile Option Do I Choose: Web Responsive Design vs a Native App

    Responsive Design Vs Mobile App

    It is a very common scene played out frequently between business owners and app development teams; what is the best format to use on mobile devices? Do they go with a web app (responsive) or have a...

  • AWS Storage

    Amazon Web Service

    What is AWS Storage

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a service called AWS Storage Gateway. This is a hybrid storage service the enables your on-premise applications to us...

  • Hybris eCommerce Technology


    A Bit of History

    When Hybris global eCommerce went live in 2007, it was the latest solution to both B2B and B2C markets. Its footprint immediately began to tak...

  • Design Communication


    What is Design Communication

    Let’s imagine that you are in another country. You are lost driving downtown in a land that does not speak your language. How will you kn...

  • SMS Integration


    What is SMS


    SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. It is most commonly referred to as “texting” or “text message”. SMS offers a cost...

  • React.js


    If you've never heard of ReactJS, this is definitely the article for you. ReactJS is a JavaScript programming library or 'framework'. Let's look at one example to give you an idea of its use before...

  • The Way Forward using PHP


    What is it

    Created in 1994, PHP was a computer language designed for web development. It also took hold as a general programming language shortly ...

  • Unique Dashboard Solution


    As discussed in our article Software Integration - Definition and Importance, having the right software i...

  • When Custom Software is the Better Choice for Your Company


    Most of us are familiar with Oracle, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. These types of COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software applications are designed to cover the most common needs of a wi...

  • General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]: Your guide to stay compliant


    General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]: Your guide to stay compliant


    What is GDPR


  • VOIP Integration


    A major tool for businesses today is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. CRM’s allow for business to track their interactions with current and prospective customers...

  • Software hosting: a logical evolution of business growth


    Software hosting defined

    Any software that is installed or accessed entirely from a remote server not on your property is considered hosted soft...

  • Becoming Agile

    Agile - Respond to change in uncertain situations

    Agile is defined (according to the Agile Alliance) as “The ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment.”

  • Branding


    If we said 'Just do it' to you, what would you think of first? How about 'Can you hear me now' or 'Betcha can't eat just one'? These slogans (Nike, Verizon, Lays chips) were all conceived as part o...

  • Why Multilingual Chatbot? Know its Top 5 benefits

    Benefits of Multilingual Chatbot

    Since few years, we are observing AI transition with well-sophisticated chatbots, which is a conversational tool that can talk to customers and understand their needs. We know chatbots are doing an...

  • What is Robotic Process Automation?

    Robotic Process Automation

    Unlike the dystopian future often told when robots take over, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is nothing like The Matrix or Terminator, except for the efficiency part. Keeping in mind though there...

  • Software Integration


    What it is

    Software integration is the process of combining diverse sub-systems in order to create one coherent, major multi-functional system. It involves con...

  • Vision – Seeing Your Projects Potential Through Your Eyes


    Technology has solved many problems as well as enhanced many aspects of our daily lives. To say this came about from our general desire to live better is an understatement at best. Technology has p...

  • Visual Hierarchy in Graphic Design

    Visual Hierarchy in Graphic Design

    It begins simple enough. Design a page for a site to include information on ABC company, events, news, etc. This page can be done one of two ways: (1) Write all the information down ve...

  • Understanding UX Design and UI Design

    Understanding UX Design and UI Design


    Design Defined

    In an industry that lives for acronyms, it would come as no surprise that most who are not working in technology wou...

  • The Value of Design


    What is Design

    In short, design is a method of problem solving. An architectural blueprint, a signage system at a shopping mall, a website or how a user is gui...

  • Application Orchestration


    What is it

    Application orchestration, sometimes referred to as service orchestration, is the process of integrating two or more applications and/or services to...

  • Top 6 AI trends that are dominating in 2021

    AI Trends 2021

    According to the IDC spending guide, global spending on AI systems will touch near to $100 billion by 2023. Today, more than 70% of devices that we use are AI-related in a multitude of ways. AI has...

  • How AI is used with Marketing Analytics to give better results?

    AI in Marketing Analytics

    Around 150 marketing tools were used by marketers in 2011. At present, the number is over 5000. Customers were only a single data source in the earlier 2000s, and today we have richer data of every...

  • Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing!

    Benefits of AI in Marketing

    As we know it, AI has already been in the face of marketing transformation. Businesses are leveraging AI to enhance customer experience and improve personalization. With its incredible potential, A...