We develop computer programs and software for your Robots to make productive actions on land, air, and water

The future of software in Robotics

The times since the introduction of Robots in various industries, software has been occupied a remarkable place in the field of robotics.Robotics will be the future for many businesses and rescue organizations.

Today, many industries are involving software and multiple applications to make use of their Robots optimally. Manufacturing sectors and other establishments are incorporating software features, enabling them to take better control and use of their robots.

The robotic company - CSS, adding features to the software programs to ease the customization process of the robots for all workforces with no high technical skillsets and knowledge required.

In the fourth industrial revolution, software is taking robotics to the next level. We help roboticmanufacturers and organizations bycreating software programs that can facilitateeasycustomization of the robots to perform certain actions without being physically connected to them.


Today’s advancement in Robotic Software

Software such as Offline programming, UAV - Drone Control, mobile path planning, real-time path planning, middleware, AI integrated robotic solutions are some of the software dominants in the market today. CSS develops all sorts of software and applications for robotics to streamline your operations and business goals with quality solution delivery.

Robotic application on air, water, and land

On Air

CSS designs software applications,whichenables complete isolation from the robots. You can customize your robots from a reliable application that can meet your requests and needs. The cloud platform with numerous intelligence modules and features offers all the vital building blocks for swiftly integrating reliable drone applications. This application will be essential in managing warehouse and logistics, industrial inspections, security and surveillance, deliveries, emergency actions, fleet surveys, and much more.

On Water

There are enormous things yet to be unexplored in the ocean. An autonomous 8-foot underwater glider, “Scarlet knight,” navigated across the Atlantic Ocean for over seven months and returned after collecting the extensive amount of data of a more than 520 years old Columbus ship sunk in the sea.

  • CSS - a robotic application development company, helps robot manufacturers with programming and assist in making the robot efficient by facilitating execution to serve its purpose.
  • We integrate AI and other machine programs into your robotic operating system, which enable the robot to perform desired actions. We also develop an application in which you can integrate all the data and analyze them in a well-designed and reliable dashboard.

On land

At the moment on land, robots are widely utilized for search and rescue efforts during uncertain times like building collapse, earthquakes, etc. Several companies are also using robots for tunnels and areas where humans can’t easily set a foot inside. Researchers at Standard University have been developing an air-filled tube with a camera at the starting point that can expand as it moves across the environment. It can fit in small spaces where humans cannot reach that point.

  • Robots today are also prevalent for agricultural purposes. According to insights from verified market research, the agriculture market is expected to touch $11.5 billion by 2025. They are used for harvesting, weed control, planting seeds, soil analysis, environmental inspection, spraying, pruning, and much more.
  • CSS – a reliable partner, develops software applications for your robots.Today, we are working with our partners with efforts to make information sharing among the robots and applications efficient. We endeavor to bridge the communication gap and enable easy data transfer. Our application developers can also build a platform where your team can customize the functions of robots based on real-time analysis,which is user-friendly and easy-to-customize application interfaces that can be handled even by non-technical staff.

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