Commerce Cloud

What Is Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is one of the eight product clouds that make up the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform. Along with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce IoT, and all the rest, Commerce Cloud is a key part of what makes Salesforce customers so successful.

Great! So What Does Commerce Cloud Do?

With Commerce Cloud, retailers and brands can cater to their customers’ individual needs whether that’s online or in person. Commerce Cloud sites can be used across different devices and can personalize each shopper’s experience with dynamic content on web and mobile sites and smart product recommendations. If you shop online, you’ve probably used several Commerce Cloud sites without even knowing it!

How Does Commerce Cloud Do It?
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Digital Commerce Cloud
  • Einstein Commerce Cloud and Order Management

Our Digital Commerce offerings

Our expertise

SAP Hybris
It helps you engage your customers on any device. The extensible, modular architecture provides a solid foundation for developing relevant and personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back.
commercetools is a next-generation software company that offers a true cloud-native, headless commerce platform that provides the building blocks for the new digital commerce age.
It is positioned squarely at brands and retailers that require best-in-class B2C functionality within a one-stop solution. The solution is a highly compelling option for consumer brands and B2C retailers
It is a new bundled offering that provides companies with a flexible e-to-e platform to manage, and optimize the commerce experience across every touch point and across the entire customer journey.
Oracle ATG
OCC Service is an eCommerce solution designed specifically to run in the Oracle Cloud. The service provides you with a range of powerful tools to build a flexible, feature-rich storefront for your customers.

Commerce Cloud Digital lets retailers create and coordinate shoppers’ online experiences and transactions across digital channels and devices. Web and mobile sites are a huge part of the online experience. With Commerce Cloud Digital, retailers can launch and manage responsive e-commerce sites–for web and mobile–that have rich online storefronts, shopping cart and checkout functionalities, and full customization capabilities.

For many retailers, one site isn’t enough. When retailers have more than one brand, or when they sell in multiple countries, they typically need different sites for each brand and geography. Commerce Cloud Digital lets retailers launch sites for multiple brands and geographies and then manage them all in a single place.

But shoppers don’t just visit web and mobile sites, they also interact with brands through email and social media. By integrating their ecommerce sites with their marketing and service solutions, brands can make every email and social media interaction more personalized and relevant to shoppers.


Commerce Cloud Einstein, as part of Salesforce Einstein, weaves intelligence throughout the fabric of Commerce Cloud. It’s built-in, though we like to call out the capability by giving it a name. With Product Recommendations, brands can automatically highlight products that are most likely to entice each individual shopper to make their next purchase. Product Recommendations are unique to each individual and can be featured on web, mobile, or offered in person by sales associates in brick-and-mortar stores.

With Predictive Sort, the order of products shown on each search or category page on an e-commerce site can be automatically personalized for an individual shopper so that the products most relevant to a shopper will show up first on the page. Predictive Sort can personalize pages whether the shopper is known or anonymous. And thanks to the Commerce Insights, merchandisers can see which products are most often purchased together. This information helps them make more informed merchandising and promotional decisions.

Search Dictionaries provides a centralized and consolidated user interface in the Lightning Experience where you manage and maintain your search dictionaries. Optimizing search results gets shoppers to what they want to buy fast.


Commerce Cloud Order Management gives brands full visibility into orders and inventory data. It also powers the “purchase anywhere, fulfill from anywhere” capabilities that are becoming popular with shoppers, such as purchase online pickup in-store.