Hybris eCommerce Technology

A Bit of History

When Hybris global eCommerce went live in 2007, it was the latest solution to both B2B and B2C markets. Its footprint immediately began to take traction where it sparked worldwide attention as 'the' omni-channel solution helping customer engagement. So much so was Hybris challenging the market that in 2013, SAP acquired the platform and in less than two years, was named by Forrester and the leader in its 2015 Q2 B2B commerce suites evaluation. Hybris boasts big name global clients such as Samsung, 3M, Vodafone, Oakley, Bridgestone to name a few. With a significant market penetration in the past five years, it is no wonder Hybris is a global standout in its category and a major market share competitor.


Why Hybris is the Global Solution of Choice; from SMB to Large Enterprise

  • Hybris allows for the business to use accelerators with in-built world class best technological and business practices.
    • Accelerators for B2C (multi-channel/language functionality coupled with a direct engagement to customers), B2B (specifically the wide variety of deals and long-term payments solutions). Telco (ability to order your product with a service or subscription) and notably its tailored market products such as the Hybris Commerce China Accelerator.
  • The Hybris platform is comprised of multiple highly specialized effective cockpits.
    • WCMS (Web Content Management System), Customer service, Product Cockpit Module, Import Cockpit, integration with payments, a Build Framework and a Back-office Admin Cockpit are incorporated as an example.
  • Flexible and Adaptable, Hybris can be customized to meet a wide variety of business demand domestically and globally.
    • Hybris now sets the standard for performance and scalability when compared to other B2B platforms. The Back-office Administration Cockpit provides companies with business logic easily customized for a business' specific process(es).
  • Integrated but Modular
    • The Hybris eCommerce platform consists of modules. Given the little dependency between the modules, the convivence of using a flexible solution allows for greater scalability over time.
  • Multi-Language, Multi-Channel, Multi-Vendor availability
    • With the integration of Omni Commerce Connect for Hybris enables businesses to connect with customers at any location all the while leveraging new channels for better interaction along all touchpoints. (websites, mobile, social media, email, advertising, call centers etc).
  • SMB to Large Enterprise Data Stream Scaling
    • For large telecom providers, Hybris is particularly designed to handle large scale enterprise through its persistence layer responsible for data storage and retrieval. Its ability to handle high volume demand is unencumbered alongside the myriad of customers and products in use real-time.
  • Contextual Experiences
    • Engage and interact with customers across various channels, delivering timely valuable offers and relevant content. You will engage your customer throughout the user journey building and maintaining customer loyalty.


A Final Word

It is fact that many large enterprises have engaged and implemented Hybris as the most efficient solution. Flexibility, adaptability to a wide variety of business needs, as well as its capability to handle large data management under the most intense of demands are only a few of the benefits offered using Hybris eCommerce platform as the platform of choice.