Unique Dashboard Solution

As discussed in our article Software Integration - Definition and Importance, having the right software integration solution for your business is as important as identifying the key information from all sub-systems to tie together. While most integrations will offer APIs that can easily be connected to, not all integrations connected, can talk to each other easily.

Enterprise integrations are a facet of the software architecture that focuses on connectivity. System interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computer environments are only a few of the many layers within any enterprise architecture that normally need to communicate to each other to give your user their best experience.

There are times where one major systems dashboard will not draw upon all API's in a format that can be used or displayed with ease. While this is not always the case, this is definitely when you would engage a design team to layout a path towards a custom application making use of all your software purchases combined to form one dashboard.

With a customized integration dashboard, these functionalities coexist in a way that provides real value to your business, feeding information and data between systems and sending one cohesive information output to your user.

A customized solution that works for your team is one that offers:

  • Scalability
  • Robust Architecture
  • Time Savings
  • Cost Savings



Your solution will connect to existing API's. Through discussion and planning, parameters can be extended to include room for future planned software application purchases. This allows your new dashboard solution to connect to future applications with minimal effort. These of course will be included when time comes into any of the visualizations where you decide that are to be required.


Robust Architecture

Built as an independent solution, your customized software integration dashboard is unaffected by disruption from any of the software applications in use on your premises or in your cloud environment, hybrid or otherwise. Your solution must be intuitive, automated, flexible and powerful.


Time Savings

This architecture makes us of reusable API's and engine cores of the other software applications. Staff training time and core maintenance schedule build-out is reduced in an effort to reach initial production time faster.


Cost Savings

Aside from staff training, extra documentation, downtime savings, bottom line contribution are affected positively.

It is worth noting, this dashboard system design, over time, has reduced dependencies on vendor dashboards used at the same time. As the customized dashboard is tweaked and enhanced, alternative dashboards dependent on the individual software applications tend to stay off to the side giving way to the customized solution. The purpose is clear and is met with each deployment. Offer a dashboard to reduce work time, aggregate all information required and display reports as needed without affecting the system run-times.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, waiting for one provider to offer a native solution boils down to how much you are willing to lose waiting versus engaging a design team to create a customized dashboard solution and achieve ROI much faster.