Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing!
Benefits of AI in Marketing

As we know it, AI has already been in the face of marketing transformation. Businesses are leveraging AI to enhance customer experience and improve personalization. With its incredible potential, AI techniques are being utilized in the field of marketing too!

1. Improved Personalization & Suggestions

By leveraging AI in Marketing, they can develop trust among the brand and user through personalized communication and experience, and relevant product recommendations. According to a global poll conducted by Marketo, 79% of customers are likely in considering brand promotions if they’re specifically tailored from past interactions. Moreover, other findings also reveal that 43% are more likely to make purchases from businesses that personalize the customer experience.

AI supports marketers to personalize communications on every individual rather than generic target groups, which marketers relied on earlier.

AI-driven solutions can offer marketers deeper consumer insights and helps businesses in delivering the right message to the right customer at right time. Moreover, AI captures all consumer interactions to date for drawing well-defined marketing campaigns.

The technology operates based on predicting consumer behaviour on recent brand interactions, which means marketers can send personalized content that is most likely to convert the lead to a purchase.

Salesforce’s State of Marketing reported that 52% of consumers are more tending to shift brands if a business doesn’t offer personalized communication.

2. Easily optimize Digital Advertising Campaigns with AI!

One of the vital benefits of AI in Marketing is you can easily optimize digital advertising campaigns. AI-powered solutions can track deeper insights of user data such as their recent keyword searches, social profiles, and other important pieces of online data for a smarter and effective online campaign.

3. Involve in real-time conversations with the users!

One of the remarkable uses of AI solutions in Marketing is analysing consumer communications in real-time. Businesses can interact with consumers in real-time by placing an intelligent chatbot. Communications with users can highly impact decision-making moments. AI-powered solutions also help marketers to track social conversations.


With more businesses and rivals in the market today, the demand for extraordinary customer service is the need of an hour. AI-driven smart communication and personalized messaging can enhance the overall user experience.

4. Sales Forecasting

Incorporating AI solutions for sales forecasting can ease the pressure on business leaders. According to the Sales Management association 74% of large B2B companies engaging in forecasting weekly. But despite so much time invested in forecasting, research reveals 69% consider it to be ineffective.

Using AI solutions in marketing helps to gather data of the past deals by studying the information from emails, meetings, phone calls and relate the data for the possible outcomes and future sales estimates.

According to Insights from one of the research, businesses with accuracy in sales forecasting are 10% more likely to cultivate their revenue year by year and 7% more likely to hit quota.

5. Helps in determining the trends for future

AI in marketing can analyze large volumes of data of the users that can be utilized in determining future trends.