Why Multilingual Chatbot? Know its Top 5 benefits
Benefits of Multilingual Chatbot

Since few years, we are observing AI transition with well-sophisticated chatbots, which is a conversational tool that can talk to customers and understand their needs. We know chatbots are doing an exceptional job for top businesses that have many clients by supporting better customer engagement, experience, retention, 24/7 availability, and in turn, its capability to handle multiple customers at a time.

According to chatbots magazine, the implementation of conversational AI solutions such as virtual agents and chatbots can help in reducing customer service costs by 30% towards businesses.

What are multi-lingual chatbots?

A multi-lingual chatbot enables businesses to communicate in the user’s native language, which makes better interactions, engagements, and conversions. For example, if your business is in Chennai, India, your website can place a chatbot that can converse in Tamil for better engagement and customer understanding.

Benefits of multi-lingual chatbots for your businesses

1. You can reach a global audience with no language barriers.

The global audiences may be your potential customers. However, without an excellent localization strategy, it’s impossible to reach global audiences. One of the great localization strategies would be where brands communicating in their native language.

So, what do you do? English is a broadly spoken language in most countries. However, there are also several audiences who have difficulty communicating with the common English language and are widely accustomed to native language conversation.

Chatbots are already into the place but global companies are adopting multi-lingual chatbots to tap local markets and for better engagement among end-users.

2. Competitive Advantage

If you need to stand out from the rivals, you need to adopt emerging technologies like a multi-lingual chatbot, which can add significant value in terms of customer experience. Chatbot technology is already in place. However, the adoption of multi-lingual chatbots till now is significantly lower. Integrating it today in your businesses in which the chatbot speaks in the user’s preferred language can help in humanizing the communication, support better understanding about your brand, and make them feel like they are cared.

3. Reduces cost and saves time

Training your employees in multiple languages to interact with global audiences is never an easy task. It is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, emerging technologies like Multi-language chatbot can do all these tasks in real-time and can solve all the customer queries and issues at a faster cycle period.

In this decade, the influence of multi-lingual chatbots will come under the spotlight of c-level executives with respect to their capability in providing an enhanced customer experience. Besides, it mitigates communication gaps and improves conversation among non-English speakers. There is also a higher probability of customers not leaving your business when interactions are humanized and made appealing.

4. Efficiency in business process and communication

What humans can’t, chatbots can do. Multi-lingual chatbots can iron out language barriers and help businesses communicate effectively with end-users by solving their multiple queries.

Humans are born to make mistakes. But, AI-powered chatbots rarely make them, and they offer consistent communication with excellence in customer service.

5. Increase in sales

Using a chatbot for shopping can be highly profitable as they offer a recommendation that can ease the user’s journey. During the interactions, the chatbot can provide product recommendations that can make the shopping experience hassle-free.

According to the study done by CSA (Common Sense Advisory research) across ten countries, 60% of consumers rarely or never make online shopping from English-only sites, while 67% of consumers prefer content in their native language.

An AI-powered chatbot can offer series of upsell or cross-sell product recommendations for more sales. For instance, if a user purchased a laptop, the chatbot can show a series of related accessories like a mouse, cooling pad, headphones, and more. Therefore, a chatbot has a remarkable ability to increase sales.

A multi-lingual chatbot enables users to choose the language they want to communicate with, which adds significant value to the businesses in terms of providing effective and humanized communications in their local language.


Chatbots are gaining popularity globally. With evolving AI technology, it is expected to become more empowered in the coming years. As businesses are trying to expand global reach, multi-lingual chatbot comes handy to connect with a wider audience and to communicate in their language. If your business is looking to tap the global audience, you can connect with Cornerstone Solutions, an IT solutions firm that offers customized multi-lingual chatbot and other solutions like AI, RPA, blockchain technology, Machine Learning, Big data, and much more, helping businesses evolve.